Moccasin Telegraph
FES Title: Moccasin telegraph
Alternate Titles: The News Traveled by Moccasin Telegraph
[1931]; Indian Hunting (1972-72)
Date: 06/30/1908
Size: 9.375″H x 7.9375″W
Medium: pen-and-ink-Bristol-brd
Type: illustration
Published: Footner, Hulbert. “Eelip’s Double Wedding: A Story of Athabasca.” The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, January 1909: 394.
caption: “The news had traveled with the amazing swiftness of the ‘moccasin telegraph'”

Marsh, George T. Sled Trails and White Waters. Philadelphia: The Penn Publishing Company, 1929: title page.[no caption]

Apgar, John F., Jr. Frank E. Schoonover, Painter-Illustrator: A Bibliography. Morristown, NJ: John F. Apgar, Jr., 1969: 19.[no caption]

International Art Gallery. Brandywine Tradition Artists; Featuring the Works of Howard Pyle, Frank E. Schoonover, the Wyeth Family, Charles Colombo, David Hanna. New York: Great American Editions, 1971: 14, 52. (catalog)
caption: Plate [XI]

Inscription: lr: S
Exhibitions: 1930 WSFA Apt; 1931 FES; 1971 Brandywine Tradition (catalog)
Comments: index; tearsheets #346; edit; scan 5/14/03
Provenance: Not known