Ball Game – Relief Pitcher Coming In
FES Title: Ball game
Alternate Titles: Relief Pitcher Coming In
Date: 04/28/1911
Size: 20″H x 30″W
Medium: oil_canvas_grisaille
Type: illustration
Published: Irwin, Will. “Youth Will be Served.” American Magazine, May 1912: 68-69.
caption: The veteran walked with relaxed chest…the stripling advanced at a light run, whose very spring showed how he was restraining his eagerness
Inscription: lr: Schoonover / ’11
Annotations: en verso: 1268 / vignette
Comments: index; edit
The paint on this work had deteriorated, but was fully relined and conserved in 2001 by James B. Roszel, Oil Painting Conservation Studio, Rockland, MA (info from ebay)
Commentary: This image was slightly cropped by the publisher, then used as a double spread with the veteran player on the left page and the eager relief pitcher on the right.
The inscription is not visible in the publication, but on photographs before and after it was conserved in 2001, the inscription is ‘Schoonover’ with an indistinct date, thought to be ’11, the year it was painted.
Without further research, the correlation between the number and the word ‘vignette’ found en verso, is unclear.


Provenance: Schoonover Studios Ltd., Wilmington, Delaware; Bruce Garland
[1984]; Illustration House, New York (November 7, 1998 Lot 138); eBay Auction (December 16, 2007); Heritage Auction Galleries, Dallas, Texas (June 2008); private collection