Jean Lafitte in Hammock
FES Title: Jean Lafitte in Hammock.
Alternate Titles: Lafitte the Pirate
Date: 08/05/1911
Size: 33″H x 22.25″W
Medium: oil-on-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Schoonover, Frank E. “In the Haunts of Jean Lafitte.” Harper’s Monthly Magazine, December 1911: facing 80.
caption: A hammock swung under the porch of Jean Lafitte

Smith, Louise Schoonover. “The Art of Frank E. Schoonover.” Illustration, July 2003: 32.
caption: “LaFitte in Hammock,” 1911. Oil on canvas, 33″ x 22.25″. Daybook #442. Private collection.

Inscription: lr: Frank E. Schoonover / ’11
Annotations: the following was not included in the printed catalogue raisonne
en verso on printed page attached to frame: LAFITTE THE PIRATE / BY / FRANK E. SCHOONOVER / Mr. Frank Schoonover was one of the three well-known artists of the Delaware Valley. He was close friends of the late artists N.C. Wyeth and Howard Pyle. All three of these men were dominant figures in the period known as the “Golden Age of Illustrators”. / Mr. Schoonover’s painting is an oil on canvas. The painting is an illustration from the story of “Lafitte the Pirate” which was written by Mr. Schoonover.
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tearsheet available
Commentary: The sketch for this work is #442s. See #441 for further commentary.
Provenance: Private collection, Wilmington, Delaware
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