Bushkill House
FES Title:
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Date: 09/20/1914
Size: 5.75″H x 8.75″W
Medium: oil-on-board
Type: landscape
Inscription: lr: FES
Annotations: en verso: Sep 20 – 1914 / 1 – 2 pm / Bushkill, PA
Exhibitions: 2000 Biggs
Comments: TP 3/31/06; index;
Commentary: In 1914, Schoonover and his wife bought this house as a summer residence in Bushkill, Pike County, Pennsylvania. The Schoonover ancestors had lived for over two hundred years in Pike County and as a child, the artist spent his summers in and around Bushkill with his grandparents. Every summer after purchasing his own house, Schoonover and his family and often, friends as well, stayed at the ‘Bushkill house’. The artist worked throughout the summers on his illustration commissions in a studio in the loft of a nearby mill and then in the barn behind the house. After the early 1940’s, he continued to use the barn as his studio, concentrating on commissions, stained glass window designs, and landscapes.
The family owned that summer residence until they were forced to sell it to the government in 1962 when the Tock’s Island Dam project for a local resevoir was underway. The dam was never built and the house was finally razed.
For other views of the house and property, see #2147, #2148, #2224L, #2298, #2320 and #2432.
Provenance: Private collection