“You Know Now Why David Lied?”
FES Title: “You know now why David lied?”
Alternate Titles: Peace River Valley
Date: 09/29/1915
Size: 33″H x 22″W
Medium: oil-on-Best
Type: illustration
Published: Marsh, George T. “The Land of His Fathers.” Scribner’s Magazine, June 1919: 759.
caption: Long the enchanted Gordon drank in the beauty of the picture. — Page 760

Marsh, George T. Toilers of the Trails. Philadelphia: The Penn Publishing Company, 1921: facing 228.
caption: Gordon drank in the beauty of the picture

Inscription: ll: F E Schoonover / ’15
Exhibitions: 1921 WSFA
Comments: TP 9/18/02; form 9/18/02; index; edit; TP (after cleaning) 10.18.07
Commentary: Frank Schoonover and David Reinhardt, Jr. were fishermen and friends. Circa 1930, they struck up a deal in which Schoonover traded this painting for a collection of Reinhardt’s fishing poles and equipment.
In 1967, Reinhardt sold the painting to his son, David Reinhardt III. When he died it was inherited by his wife, Jane, the current owner.
Provenance: Traded by artist to David J. Reinhardt, Jr., Wilmington, Delaware (circa 1930); David J. Rinehart, III [1967]; Collection of Jane and George Gibson