Two Boys on Raft
FES Title: Heading – Two Boys on Raft
Alternate Titles:
Date: 01/24/1922
Size: 8″H x 28″W
Medium: oil-Winsor-and-Newton
Type: illustration
Published: Paine, Ralph D. “Blackbeard the Buccaneer.” The American Boy, April 1922: 6.
no caption
Inscription: lr: FES / ’22
Annotations: en verso on label: Blackbeard and the Pirate / Heading Two Boys on Raft / Jan 1922 no. 1101 on Winsor / Newton Ill. Board 8 1/8 in. by 29 in.
Comments: chapter heading; form 3/28/02; from day book: on same board with #1102 ;index; edit 11/06
Commentary: This work was originally created on the same piece of illustration board as #1102. (day books)
Provenance: Sold by the artist to J. Thompson Brown, Wilmington, Delaware; descended in the family to Robert M. Brown