Kaska Saw the Sabys in the Hands of the H.B.C.
FES Title: Kaska saw the Sabys in the hands of the H.B.C.
Alternate Titles:
Date: 04/20/1927
Size: 24″H x 46″W
Medium: oil-cotton-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Skinner, Constance Lindsay. “Roselle of the North.” The American Girl, June 1927: 28-29.
caption: When Kaska finally reached the bank of the river he saw the Sabys and Roselle in the hands of the H.B.C. ‘We will wait a while and then follow them,’ he said. ‘It is better to let them tell their lies before we come.’
Inscription: ll: F.E.S. / ’27
lr: S / ’27
Comments: edit DAM scan 2/9/06; index
Commentary: Schoonover painted this image over #1400. He notes that he then cut the resulting painting down for a gift. (day books) However, the cut down has not been located.
Provenance: Not known