The Singing River
FES Title: “The Singing River
Alternate Titles: Rustlers of Silver River
Date: 06/13/1929
Size: 30″H x 38.25″W
Medium: oil-on-Linen-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Grey, Zane. “The Rustlers of Silver River.” Country Gentleman, December 1929: 11.
caption: “The river was running like a millrace. Passage looked impossible and shook Kevin’s heart.”

Reed, Walt. 50 Great American Illustrators. New York: Crown Publishers Inc., 1979: 96.
caption: Illustration for “Rustlers of Silver River,” by Zane Grey Published in The Country Gentleman, December, 1929

Reed, Walt. Great American Illustrators. New York: Abbeville Press, 1979: 138.
caption: Rustlers of Silver River

Ermoyan, Arpi. Famous American Illustrators. London: Quantum Publishing Ltd., 1997: 202.
caption: Rustlers of Silver River

Inscription: ll: F.E. Schoonover
Annotations: en verso on old stretcher piece attached to new stretcher: -1723- 1723. June 1929. / For / “Singing river” Zane Grey / [ ]-13 / [ ]arry row[ed] into the center [ ri]ver. / They entered / [t]he box axd rode [ ]ri[ ] rode like / a plummet in t[he] / [ ]ret roaring [ ].
Exhibitions: 1987 Greenville
Comments: relined with new stretchers
TP 9/25/03; Form 9/25/03; index; edit
The Gallery at Greenville, Greenville, Delaware (May 1 – June 6, 1987);
Provenance: Schoonover Studios, Ltd., Wilmington, Delaware; private collection [1987]