“Kirby or Devil,” He Replied. “Have It Your Own Way.”
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Date: 07/02/1931
Size: 32″H x 24″W
Medium: oil-on-Best
Type: Illustration
Published: Johnston, Mary. To Have and To Hold. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1931: frontispiece.
caption: ‘Kirby or devil,’ he replied. ‘Have it your own way.’
Inscription: lr: Frank E. Schoonover / ’31
Annotations: en verso on label on stretcher: Illustration for / TO HAVE AND TO HOLD /Chap XXII Page 209 / “Am I Kirby”
en verso on label: No 1862 / For answere [sic] I sent his sword flying over the / nearest hillock of sand “Am I Kirby?” I said. He fell / back against the heaped up sand and leaned there. – / “Kirby or the devil, ” he replied. “Have it your own way.”
en verso [typed paper removed and framed]; Original decoration in color for – / “TO HAVE AND TO HOLD” / by Mary Johnson / The first edition of this story was published by / Houghton, Mifflin and Co. Boston, Mass. in 1900 / The illustrations for that edition were made by Howard Pyle and his students. All the / drawings were made in Wilmington at 1305 Franklin St. / The painting (to which this is attached) is one of a set made for the second edition – and was reproduced / in color as the frontispiece. / All the pictures for the second and present edition / were made in Wilmington during the year 1931.
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Provenance: Sold by the artist to Mrs. Abrahms, Wilmington, Delaware; Mrs. Dorothy Witmer, North East, Maryland; Collection of Joel and Suzanne Sugg [2008]