Saracen and Flag
FES Title: Chap 8 – Heading – Saracen & flag.
Alternate Titles: “Roland the Warrior”
Date: 01/1934
Size: 0″H x 0″W
Medium: pen-and-ink
Type: illustration
Published: Collier, Virginia M., and Jeanette Eaton. Roland the Warrior. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1934: 102.
[no caption]

International Art Gallery. Brandywine Tradition Artists; Featuring the Works of Howard Pyle, Frank E. Schoonover, the Wyeth Family, Charles Colombo, David Hanna. New York: Great American Editions, 1971: 20, 52. (catalog)
caption: Plate [XX]

Inscription: [none visible as published]
Exhibitions: 1971 Brandywine Tradition
Comments: chapter heading
index; edit;
Provenance: Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Kramer (circa 1971); not known