The Buccaneering Fleet of Nine Sails
FES Title: Henry Morgan’s Mate – two drawings
Alternate Titles: Henry Morgan’s Mate Sailing Ship
[1936]; Henry Morgan’s Mate [1973]
Date: 12/1935
Size: 33″H x 36″W
Medium: oil-on-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Marmur, Jacland. “Henry Morgan’s Mate.” Country Gentleman, March 1936: 15.
caption: Some days later, the buccaneering fleet of nine sail, standing south for the continent, prepared to close the coast.
Inscription: lr: F E Schoonover / ’35
Annotations: en verso: 2112
Exhibitions: 1936 William Penn; 1973 Arizona

Comments: TP 6/19/03; Form 6/19/03; index; relined
Provenance: Sold by the artist to Frank W. Diver, Wilmington, Delaware; descended in family to private collection
Current Owner: