Saint John the Baptist
FES Title: St. John the Baptist / Cartoon- / Small window for Tom Brown
Alternate Titles:
Date: 06/20/1941
Size: 17″H x 8″W
Medium: oil-on-wood-board
Type: cartoon
Inscription: lr: Frank E. Schoonover / St. John the Baptist 1955 / Immanuel Church, Wil. Del.
Annotations: en verso top right – stamp: – FROM – / F.E.SCHOONOVER / 1616 NORTH RODNEY STREET / WILMINGTON, DEL
en verso in graphite: St. John the Baptist 1955
en verso lower left – stamp: FRANK E. SCHOONOVER / 1616 RODNEY STREET / WILMINGTON 6, DELAWARE
en verso – typed paper: John the Baptist / (Ego Vox Clamatis In Deserto) // The lower part of the design depicts a / gathering on the banks of the River Jordan. // The group of larger figures portrays the / figure of John-with right arm raised. Near / him are standing figures and some children / seated on the bank. Across the river there / is a group of small figures – incorporated / as a unit on one piece of glass. // This lancet is about 2 feet wide and some / eight (the main portion) to eleven feet in / all. The outstanding colors are deep blues / and rose tones.
This design has not been used. It was made / for a special place but so far has not been / commissioned. It is available-with what changes / may be necessary-for any window opening of / like proportions.
[This last paragraph has diagonal hatch scratch lines across it.] en verso hand written graphite on paper: To / Henry Willet / The doner [sic] is very fond of blues and reds / -so I’ve made some changes in top – more / subject matter – (I though [sic] my original design pretty dull) / The thin border will be of your own – invention..narrow lights – that ought to / give sparkle to the dark blues – and reds! / You just go ahead = and if you see a / change to mutual advantage – make it. // FES
en verso: There are a few passages with no lead lines in – / or colored – Why? Because / it requires the genious [sic] of your / staff – to get something good – Installed 1955
en verso on paper with ‘In Memory’ design – pen, ink, and watercolor: In memory / William Green Flinn / April 28, 1911 / Sep. 6 1935
Exhibitions: 1961 Warehouse; 1967 Gift Horse
Comments: TP 2/26/03; TP 10/12/05; index
Commentary: See #2292W for stained glass window and commentary.
Provenance: Private collection
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