From Beck’s Landing Toward Jervis Ferry
FES Title: From Beck’s Landing toward Jervis Ferry 11 to 4
Alternate Titles:
Date: 08/21/1945
Size: 22″H x 28″W
Medium: oil-on-canvas
Type: landscape
Inscription: lr: Frank E. Schoonover / Bushkill Aug. 1945
Annotations: en verso: 2385 / Jervis Rosencrans Ferry / 1908 / orig 28×30
Comments: digital 1-24-07; form 1-24-07; painted over #1908;
Commentary: Owner Jean Milano, recounts this story told to her by her father, Ernie Peoples. ‘In the mid 1940’s, Ernie worked as a remodeler on Schoonover’s studio. When he finished his work, he offered $100 to ‘Mr. Schoonover’ for this landscape of the Delaware River, but he wanted the artist to add a fisherman with a red jacket in a boat. Schoonover said that he didn’t do that. Ernie said, “One hundred dollars is a lot of money. For $100, I should be able to have a fisherman in a red jacket in a boat in that landscape.” The artist thought about it and said, “All right, I’ll do it.” (verbal history, January 25, 2007: LSS)

Although the number 1908 is written en verso, is is likely that the artist reversed the numbers and that it is really painted over #1809a. (day books)

Provenance: Sold by artist to Ernie Peoples; descended in the family to Collection of Jean and Bart Milano
Current Owner: