Sailing Fleet in Rockport, Mass.
FES Title:
[no entry in day books – assigned number]
Alternate Titles: Color Impression-Sailling Fleet in Rockport [1960]; Sail Boats Rockport Mass [1965]
Date: 09/03/1960
Size: 12″H x 15″W
Medium: watercolor-on-paper
Type: landscape
Inscription: lr: Frank E. Schoonover / Rockport Sept 3, 1960
Exhibitions: 1960 WSFA Spring; 1965 Gift Horse
Comments: index; edit; 2502e>2502b>2502c
Commentary: The size for this watercolor is the view. It is the fourth in the Rockport series. For further commentary, see #2502.
Provenance: Aritst; The Gift Horse, West Chester, Pennsylvania [1965]; [Ann] Hastings [1965]; Rodney Beldin, Wilmington, Delaware (circa 1967); Gail and Louise Beldin, Wilmington, Delaware (circa 1967); private collection [1998]