“Full Stroke on the Engine! Hi!”
FES Title: “Full Stroke on the Engine! Hi!”
Alternate Titles: Full Steam on the Engines, Hi!
Date: 12/25/1901
Size: 9.75″H x 16.5″W
Medium: graphite-on-paper
Type: illustration
Published: Gibson, Willis. “Murnane and the ‘Illinois’: A Story of the Upper Mississippi.” McClure’s Magazine, August 1903: 364.
caption: “‘Full Stroke On The Engines, Hi,’ He Snapped”
Inscription: lm: F.E. Schooonover
Annotations: en verso on note: “posed by Mr. Green Dec. 10, 11, 12, 13, 25”
Exhibitions: 1968 Clubhouse
Comments: TP 9/18/02; form 9/18/02; index; edit
Commentary: Schoonover placed his inscription in an interesting location on the painting. The ‘F.’ is hidden behind the captain’s left sleeve and the ‘E. Schoonover’ is along the windows.
Provenance: Artist; Clubhouse Art Gallery, Media, Pennsylvania [1968]; The Sipple Family Trust
Current Owner: