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Frank E. Schoonover Collection
List of Illustrations

American Artist196612The Brandywine TraditionPitz, Henry Clarence
American Boy19183The White Black Foot ASchultz, James Willard
American Boy19184The White Black Foot BSchultz, James Willard
American Boy19185The White Black Foot CSchultz, James Willard
American Boy19186The White Black Foot DSchultz, James Willard
American Boy19187The White Black Foot ESchultz, James Willard
American Boy19201The Warring Tribes ASchultz, James Willard
American Boy19201Single Indian ManCover
American Boy19202The Warring Tribes BSchultz, James Willard
American Boy19203The Warring Tribes CSchultz, James Willard
American Boy19204The Warring Tribes DSchultz, James Willard
American Boy19204The Warring Tribes ESchultz, James Willard
American Boy19209Connie Morgan in Fur CountryHendryx, James B.
American Boy192011Nerve and BrassHendryx, James B.
American Boy192012The Plague Flag in the SkyHendryx, James B.
American Boy19211Cover-Dog Pulling Man From WaterCover
American Boy19211Bait – and a BearHendryx, James B.
American Boy19212Out on the Trap LineHendryx, James B.
American Boy19213The Man From the NorthErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19213The Trail in the SnowHendryx, James B.
American Boy19213Bringing the Outdoors InSchoonover, Frank E.
American Boy19213The Man Who Rode AloneErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19215The Man Who Traveled LightErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19215Black MoranHendryx, James B.
American Boy19216The Man Who Chased A GhostErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19217The Voice From the Hill AHendryx, James B.
American Boy19218The Voice From the Hill BHendryx, James B.
American Boy19218The Man Who Went DownErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19219The Man With the Yellow DogErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19219Seizer of Eagles ASchultz, James Willard
American Boy192110Seizer of Eagles BSchultz, James Willard
American Boy192111Seizer of Eagles CSchultz, James Willard
American Boy192112Seizer of Eagles DSchultz, James Willard
American Boy192112The Man Who Closed the DoorErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19221Seizer of EaglesSchultz, James Willard
American Boy19223Blackbeard the Buccaneer APaine, Ralph D.
American Boy19224Blackbeard the Buccaneer BPaine, Ralph D.
American Boy19225Blackbeard the Buccaneer CPaine, Ralph D.
American Boy19226Blackbeard the Buccaneer DPaine, Ralph D.
American Boy19227Blackbeard the Buccaneer EPaine, Ralph D.
American Boy19228Blackbeard the Buccaneer FPaine, Ralph D.
American Boy19228Connie Morgan, Cattle CountryHendryx, James B.
American Boy19229The Round Seven MysteryHendryx, James B.
American Boy19229A Revolution in School
American Boy192210Mainly About BrandsHendryx, James B.
American Boy192211 The Haymaker’s RowHendryx, James B.
American Boy192212Connie the GreenHendryx, James B.
American Boy19231Cover – SnowblindCover
American Boy19232The Man Who Laughed LastErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19234The Hay Maker’s RowHendryx, James B.
American Boy19235Medicine Gold AMiller, Warren Hastings
American Boy19236Medicine Gold BMiller, Warren Hastings
American Boy19237Medicine Gold CMiller, Warren Hastings
American Boy19237Privateers of ’76 APaine, Ralph D.
American Boy19238Privateers of ’76 BPaine, Ralph D.
American Boy19238Medicine Gold DMiller, Warren Hastings
American Boy19239Medicine Gold EMiller, Warren Hastings
American Boy19239Privateers of ’76 CPaine, Ralph D.
American Boy192310Privateers of ’76 DPaine, Ralph D.
American Boy192311Privateers of ’76 EPaine, Ralph D.
American Boy192312Privateers of ’76 FPaine, Ralph D.
American Boy192312The Dangerous Road
American Boy192312Twilight Adventure Post
American Boy19244Cover – Plumed Snake MedicineCover
American Boy19247After SchoolErskine, Laurie York
American Boy1925Cover – Indian Waving Red BlanketCover
American Boy19252Witch Men of BizyDetzer, Karl W.
American Boy19253Questers of the Desert ASchultz, James Willard
American Boy19254Questers of the Desert BSchultz, James Willard
American Boy19255Questers of the Desert CSchultz, James Willard
American Boy19256Questers of the Desert DSchultz, James Willard
American Boy192512The Bidding of KwatNewsom, J. D.
American Boy19261Renfrew Rides AgainErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19262William Jackson, Indian Scout ASchultz, James Willard
American Boy19262The Man Who Came AgainErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19262CoverCover
American Boy19263The Man Who Fought for GoldErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19263William Jackson, Indian Scout BSchultz, James Willard
American Boy19264William Jackson, Indian Scout CSchultz, James Willard
American Boy19265William Jackson, Indian Scout DSchultz, James Willard
American Boy19266The Man Who LispedErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19268The Man Who Was WantedErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19269The Man Who Followed ThroughErskine, Laurie York
American Boy192611The Man Who DisappearedErskine, Laurie York
American Boy192612The Man Who Played a PartErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19271Cover – Ski Jumper CoverCover
American Boy19271The Man in Plain ClothesErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19272Cover – Indian FamilyCover
American Boy19272The Man Whose Wish Came TrueErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19273The Man Who Talked with KahnakErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19274The Man Who Found AdventureErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19278Red Crow’s Brother ASchultz, James Willard
American Boy19279Red Crow’s Brother BSchultz, James Willard
American Boy192710Red Crow’s Brother CSchultz, James Willard
American Boy192711Red Crow’s Brother DSchultz, James Willard
American Boy19282Barbary Bo AKauffman, Reginald Wright
American Boy19283Barbary Bo BKauffman, Reginald Wright
American Boy19284Barbary Bo CKauffman, Reginald Wright
American Boy19285Barbary Bo DKauffman, Reginald Wright
American Boy19289Proof of the BreedEvans, Hubert
American Boy192810Defective MacEvans, Hubert
American Boy192811Mac’s Way of HonorEvans, Hubert
American Boy192812Trails that MetEvans, Hubert
American Boy19291The Goat GettersEvans, Hubert
American Boy19292Cover – Red Coat & ColonialsCover
American Boy19292Mad Anthony’s DrummerKauffman, Reginald Wright
American Boy19292Mac Battles for the CodeEvans, Hubert
American Boy19293The Life of the PartyEvans, Hubert
American Boy19294Little Voices of the KitametteEvans, Hubert
American Boy19296Skull Head the Terrible ASchultz, James Willard
American Boy19297Skull Head the Terrible BSchultz, James Willard
American Boy19298Skull Head the Terrible CSchultz, James Willard
American Boy19299Skull Head the Terrible DSchultz, James Willard
American Boy19305The Calling of Buck TarwaterPierce, Frank Richardson
American Boy19308Renfrew Rides SignErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19309Renfrew Does Kitchen PoliceErskine, Laurie York
American Boy193011The Witchcraft CaseErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19311Renfrew Overthrows an EmpireErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19311Renfrew Cleans UpErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19313Trouble in BurnettaErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19314Strawberry BillErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19315Fine RaimentErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19317Banjo Fights BackErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19318Brass KnucklesErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19318The Peace Trail ASchultz, James Willard
American Boy19319The Peace Trail BSchultz, James Willard
American Boy193110The Peace Trail CSchultz, James Willard
American Boy19322The Man Who Led The WayErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19325The Forbidden TrailErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19326The Clue of the Singing BoyErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19327Red RidersErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19328Hide-RackBalch, Glenn
American Boy19329A Price on HideBalch, Glenn
American Boy193210Hide-Rack Picks an OwnerBalch, Glenn
American Boy193211Meebles MagicErskine, Laurie York
American Boy193212The Four Way ClueErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19331The Scarlet WoundErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19332The Battle on the BeachErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19333BlizzardErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19334Reading SignsErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19335Bought and Paid ForErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19336The Time ElementErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19337Cousin GregoryErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19338Renfrew Goes WoolgatheringErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19339Rough CountryErskine, Laurie York
American Boy193311Warned by Hide-RackBalch, Glenn
American Boy193312Hide-Rack Bucks a SlideBalch, Glenn
American Boy19341Hide-Rack Wins a FriendBalch, Glenn
American Boy19342Hide-Rack Stands ByBalch, Glenn
American Boy19343Hide-Rack Uses the Golden RuleBalch, Glenn
American Boy19344Hide-Rack Meets A KillerBalch, Glenn
American Boy19345Hide-Rack Goes to JailBalch, Glenn
American Boy1934[6]Hide-Rack Learns to RideBalch, Glenn
American Boy1934[9]The Black BoxErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19348The Golden ClueErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19347Coward’s BloodErskine, Laurie York
American Boy193411The Man Who Was Too CleverErskine, Laurie York
American Boy193410The Cruise of the JackdawErskine, Laurie York
American Boy193412The Man Named LestockErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19351The Curing of Linky McShaneErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19352Hunter and HuntedErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19356Stampede BalchBalch, Glenn
American Boy19357Beaver Woman’s Vision ASchultz, James Willard
American Boy19358Beaver Woman’s Vision BSchultz, James Willard
American Boy19359Beaver Woman’s Visions CSchultz, James Willard
American Boy1935Beaver Woman’s Visions DSchultz, James Willard
American Boy1935The Horse With the Golden ManeErskine, Laurie York
American Boy1935The Finding of Leon GarondeErskine, Laurie York
American Boy1935The Betrayal of Broad KnifeErskine, Laurie York
American Boy1936The Trap and the BaitErskine, Laurie York
American Boy1936A Question of MethodErskine, Laurie York
American Boy1936The Man in the ShackErskine, Laurie York
American Boy1936Indian CoverCover
American Boy1937Big Medicine Hide-RackBalch, Glenn Cover
American Boy19377Cover – for Schultz serialSchultz, James Willard
American Boy19377Stained Gold ASchultz, James Willard
American Boy1937Stained Gold BSchultz, James Willard
American Boy1937Stained Gold CSchultz, James Willard
American Boy1937Stained Gold DSchultz, James Willard
American Boy1939The Long Trail ABalch, Glenn
American Boy1939The Long Trail BBalch, Glenn
American Boy1939The Long Trail CBalch, Glenn
American Boy1940The Windigo of Long Water LakeErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19405Why Craig LaughedErskine, Laurie York
American Boy1940Shaun FarrierErskine, Laurie York
American Boy1940Hide-Rack’s TrampBalch, Glenn
American Boy1940The Staking of Dog TailErskine, Laurie York
American Boy1941Wildy Packs A WallopErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19413Connie Morgan Turns up EvidenHendryx, James B.
American Boy19414The Case of Constable ConneryErskine, Laurie York
American Boy19415Connie Morgan Takes a HandHendryx, James B.
American Boy19417/8Hide-Rack Takes the CountBalch, Glenn
American Boy1941The Man Who Was Too CleverErskine, Laurie York
American Boy1941Andre’s BanditDetzer, Karl W.
American Girl192612The Goblets of St. MartinDetzer, Clarice
American Girl19272Roselle of the North ASkinner, Constance Lindsay
American Girl19273Roselle of the North BSkinner, Constance Lindsay
American Girl19274Roselle of the North CSkinner, Constance Lindsay
American Girl19275Roselle of the North DSkinner, Constance Lindsay
American Girl19275Tall WaterKempton, Kenneth Payson
American Girl19276Roselle of the North ESkinner, Constance Lindsay
American Girl19284Kill or CureKempton, Kenneth Payson
American Girl192811Feet of GoldKempton, Kenneth Payson
American Girl19295Proud as LuciferKempton, Kenneth Payson
American Girl192910Breath of the SeaKempton, Kenneth Payson
American Girl193011My Brother the BuccaneerKempton, Kenneth Payson
American History Illustrated197311The Lady MuckrakersBrown, Richard C.
American Magazine19075The NemesisNeihardt, John G.
American Magazine19078Big FrankYoung, Bernice Fearn
American Magazine190711The Man Who Saw SpringNeihardt, John G.
American Magazine190811The Cap’n’s SonColcord, Lincoln
American Magazine19097Saving FaceColcord, Lincoln
American Magazine190911The Son of Old StraightYoung, Bernice Fearn
American Magazine19125Youth Will Be ServedIrwin, Will
American Magazine191211Messengers at the Windowvan Dyke, Henry
American Magazine19132The Return to NatureHay, Ian
American Magazine19134All That GlittersMoroso, John A.
American Magazine19135SmokeMoroso, John A.
American Magazine19135An Officer BornSteele, Wilbur Daniel
American Magazine19138FinneganMoroso, John A.
American Magazine19139On a Calm SeaHallit, Richard Matthews
American Magazine191311DuffyMoroso, John A.
American Magazine191312Sublime Example of Sherwood DaytonCopley, Frank Bartley
American Magazine191312Miracle MaryMoroso, John A.
American Magazine19142The Majesty of the LawDunne, Finley Peter
American Magazine19143The End of the ControversyCarruthers
American Magazine19145The Lure of the BleachersFullerton, Hugh S.
American Magazine19147Through Hurricane and FloodSpillane, Richard
American Magazine191411CindersMoroso, John A.
American Magazine191412In the Forest of ElephantsWhite, Stewart Edward
American Magazine19151GiddapMoroso, John A.
American Magazine19151A Lion AdventureWhite, Stewart Edward
American Magazine19152Four Lions at OnceWhite, Stewart Edward
American Magazine19153Living Wonders of the DeepMoffet, Cleveland
American Magazine19155SwattyButler, Ellis Parker
American Magazine19159GarabaldMoroso, John A.
American Magazine19175DadMoroso, John A.
American Magazine19178The Man That Was in HimMarshall, Edson
American Magazine19182A Kind of Dog-gone ChristianHankins, Arthur Preston
American Magazine191910A Wonderful Dog With a Dual NatureParsons, Lewis
Art&Pr191510Howard PyleSchoonover/Pyle
Century19056A Tragedy in the SnowMott, Lawrence
Century19057Jules of the Great HeartMott, Lawrence
Century19058Only Jules VerbauxMott, Lawrence
Century19059“Remember Jules!”Mott, Lawrence
Century190511Advertisement- CocoaBaker
Century190512Jean Baptiste’s Christmas PreMott, Lawrence
Century19063The Making of a Doctor of DivinityYoung, Rose
Century19067Wilkinson’s ChanceMott, Lawrence
Century19076The Revolution at Satan’s TrapDuncan, Norman
Century19076The American WaySteele, James W.
Century19077Lender’s LightPage
Century19088To Build A FireLondon, Jack
Century19091Eelip’s Double WeddingFootner, Hulbert
Century190912Sentinels of the SilenceCameron, Agnes Dean
Century19104A Daughter of the SouthStanley, Caroline Abbot
Century19107The Mystery of RowingCamp, Walter
Century191112Christmas Song of the PuritansDowe, Amy Haslem
Century191211A Clean ShaveCooke, Grace McGowen
Collier’s1905729By Paths of FlameKerr, Alvah Milton
Collier’s1906210Valley of Sunshine and ShadowThomas
Collier’s1907525A Day’s LodgingLondon, Jack
Collier’s19081228Three SavedMizner, Wilson
Collier’s191437Fugitive and his JudasGauss, Marianne
Collier’s1914328The Final EscapeGauss, Marianne
Collier’s19141031The TrawlerConnolly, James B.
Collier’s19141212Peacemaker of Tolley’s LedgeRoseboro, Viola
Collier’s1915529LupoMoroso, John A.
Collier’s19151016The TideWhite, Stewart Edward
Collier’s1915124The Fiddler of Glory HoleHall, Wilbur
Collier’s191618Red Flag of Papoose PeakRoe, Vingie E.
Collier’s1916226King’s BloodRoe, Vingie E.
Collier’s1916513The New FreedomKnight, Leavitt Ashley
Collier’s19161014The Kingship of Melt CheneyPaine, Albert Bigelow
Collier’s1916114The Little InjunReese, Lowell Otus
Collier’s19161216The Thief in the NightKnight, Leavitt Ashley
Collier’s1917317The Telegraph TrailBalmer,  Edwin
Collier’s1917630The RiceHopper, James
Collier’s191791Not in the Script AVanLoan, Charles E.
Collier’s191798Not in the Script BVanLoan, Charles E.
Collier’s19171222How Liberty Came to Ivan IvanoJohnson, Charles
Collier’s191822Five Furlongs for SalvationMcCoy, William M.
Collier’s192431Meeting SteamersWetjen, Albert Richard
Collier’s1924517The Clear CourseWetjen, Albert Richard
Collier’s192544“Hickory Pete”Rouse, William Merriam
Collier’s1925125SolitudeWilliams, Ben Ames
Collier’s1926515SurvivalSaxby, Charles
Collier’s19281229The HellionStevens, James
Collier’s1928112Illegal TenderClausen, Carl
Cosmopolitan190812The Undying SparkMighels, Philip Verrill
Cosmopolitan192011MacintoshMaugham, W. Somerset
Country Gentleman1917128The Early BirdPeake, Elmore Elliot
Country Gentleman19171222ZionSingmaster, Elsie
Country Gentleman1918727The WedgeApsey, R. Lloyd
Country Gentleman1921123Black Caesar’s Clan ATerhune, Albert Payson
Country Gentleman19211217Black Caesar’s Clan BTerhune, Albert Payson
Country Gentleman19211231Black Caesar’s Clan CTerhune, Albert Payson
Country Gentleman1922114Black Caesar’s Clan DTerhune, Albert Payson
Country Gentleman1922211Black Caesar’s Clan FTerhune, Albert Payson
Country Gentleman1922225Black Caesar’s Clan GTerhune, Albert Payson
Country Gentleman1923414El Renegado AFriel, Arthur O.
Country Gentleman1923421El Renegado BFriel, Arthur O.
Country Gentleman1923428El Renegado CFriel, Arthur O.
Country Gentleman192355El Renegado DFriel, Arthur O.
Country Gentleman1924118Wheat ARitchie, Robert Wells
Country Gentleman19241115Wheat BRitchie, Robert Wells
Country Gentleman19241122Wheat CRitchie, Robert Wells
Country Gentleman19241129Wheat DRitchie, Robert Wells
Country Gentleman1924126Wheat ERitchie, Robert Wells
Country Gentleman19241213Wheat FRitchie, Robert Wells
Country Gentleman19241220Wheat GRitchie, Robert Wells
Country Gentleman19241227Wheat HRitchie, Robert Wells
Country Gentleman1924[1][4]Wheat IRitchie, Robert Wells
Country Gentleman1925314The MuttMygatt, Gerald
Country Gentleman1925328The Deer Stalker AGrey, Zane
Country Gentleman192544The Deer Stalker BGrey, Zane
Country Gentleman1925411The Deer Stalker CGrey, Zane
Country Gentleman1925418The Deer Stalker DGrey, Zane
Country Gentleman1925425The Deer Stalker EGrey, Zane
Country Gentleman192552The Deer Stalker FGrey, Zane
Country Gentleman192559The Deer Stalker GGrey, Zane
Country Gentleman1925516The Deer Stalker HGrey, Zane
Country Gentleman1925523The Deer Stalker IGrey, Zane
Country Gentleman1925530The Deer Stalker JGrey, Zane
Country Gentleman192566The Deer Stalker KGrey, Zane
Country Gentleman192510DroughtLane, Rose Wilder
Country Gentleman19261Changing TimesHall, Wilbur
Country Gentleman19263Oklahoma ACooper, Courtney Ryley
Country Gentleman19264Oklahoma BCooper, Courtney Ryley
Country Gentleman19265Oklahoma CCooper, Courtney Ryley
Country Gentleman19266Oklahoma DCooper, Courtney Ryley
Country Gentleman19267The Wife of QuayleMarsh, George T.
Country Gentleman192610Judgment of Achille BreaultMarsh, George T.
Country Gentleman192611Men of Moon Mountain ABurt, Katherine Newlin
Country Gentleman192612Men of Moon Mountain BBurt, Katherine Newlin
Country Gentleman19271Men of Moon Mountain CBurt, Katherine Newlin
Country Gentleman19272Men of Moon Mountain DBurt, Katherine Newlin
Country Gentleman19272Cover – Indian Family & TobogganCover
Country Gentleman19273Men of Moon Mountain EBurt, Katherine Newlin
Country Gentleman19273Open Range AGrey, Zane
Country Gentleman19274Open Range BGrey, Zane
Country Gentleman19275Open Range CGrey, Zane
Country Gentleman19275Cover – Red Blanket SailCover
Country Gentleman19276Open Range DGrey, Zane
Country Gentleman19277Open Range EGrey, Zane
Country Gentleman19279Silver Fleece ABethea, Jack
Country Gentleman192710Silver Fleece BBethea, Jack
Country Gentleman192710Cover – Girl on HorseCover
Country Gentleman192711Silver Fleece CBethea, Jack
Country Gentleman192712Silver Fleece DBethea, Jack
Country Gentleman192712Cover – Santa ClausCover
Country Gentleman19281Silver Fleece EBethea, Jack
Country Gentleman19282Avalanche AGrey, Zane
Country Gentleman19283Avalanche BGrey, Zane
Country Gentleman19283Cover – Indian Family Having TeaCover
Country Gentleman19284Avalanche CGrey, Zane
Country Gentleman19292Cover – Red Coats & ContinentalsCover
Country Gentleman19294Cowards BothTerhune, Albert Payson
Country Gentleman192912Rustlers of Silver River AGrey, Zane
Country Gentleman19301Rustlers of Silver River BGrey, Zane
Country Gentleman19302Rustlers of Silver River CGrey, Zane
Country Gentleman19302Life on the MississippiCover
Country Gentleman19303Rustlers of Silver River DGrey, Zane
Country Gentleman19303Canoe in RapidsCover
Country Gentleman19304Rustlers of Silver River EGrey, Zane
Country Gentleman19307The JobTitus, Harold
Country Gentleman19309The End of the Trap LineHambidge, Gove
Country Gentleman193011The BoomerangTerhune, Albert Payson
Country Gentleman19312The DebtWright, Sewell Peaslee
Country Gentleman19314The ExileTerhune, Albert Payson
Country Gentleman19316Wolves PreferredCase, Robert Ormond
Country Gentleman19319Old Scar-MouthDonovan, Laurence
Country Gentleman19328Five Feet of DynamiteStevens, James
Country Gentleman19334Jorgensen of the North ForkWetjen, Albert Richard
Country Gentleman19366Henry Morgan’s MateMarmur, Jacland
Country Gentleman19364Cover (girl in red on horse)Cover
Country Gentleman19365Mighty Horizon ACase, Robert Ormond
Country Gentleman19366Mighty Horizon BCase, Robert Ormond
Country Gentleman19367Mighty Horizon CCase, Robert Ormond
Country Gentleman19368Mighty Horizon DCase, Robert Ormond
Country Gentleman19372Cover (man on snowshoes)Cover
Country Gentleman19376RunawayByers, John Reid
Country Gentleman193710The Barque FlitmoreJenkins, Will F.
Country Gentleman19364The Valley Beyond AMowery, William Byron
Country Gentleman19365The Valley Beyond BMowery, William Byron
Country Gentleman19376The Valley Beyond CMowery, William Byron
Country Gentleman19377The Valley Beyond DMowery, William Byron
Country Gentleman19378The Valley Beyond EMowery, William Byron
Country Gentleman1939Man OverboardWilliams, Ben Ames
Country Gentleman1939Woman’s PlaceGray, Westmoreland
Du Pont Calendar1941Camp on Oregon TrailCal
Du Pont Calendar1941Flag Raising over School HouseCal
Du Pont Calendar19423Sir Francis DrakeCal
Du Pont Calendar19425The Trail BlazersCal
Du Pont Calendar19426Massiott at PlymouthCal
Du Pont Magazine1912Gun Catalog CoverCover
Du Pont Magazine19258Cover – Fur TraderCover
Du Pont Magazine19284Cover – Southern CottonfieldCover
Du Pont Magazine19285Anaconia Copper MineCover
Du Pont Magazine19298Cover – Dickering with FactorCover
Du Pont Magazine19302Cover – Life on MississippiCover
Everybody’s19022Fool’s GoldHill, Marion
Everybody’s19039The Peru Pauper CaseDay, Holman F.
Everybody’s190311Above Fine GoldLighton, William R.
Everybody’s19114The Brown WallOgden, G. W.
Everybody’s19119The King of The ElbowChester, George Randolph
Everybody’s191411The Man Who Braced UpKnight, Leavitt Ashley
Everybody’s1923Cover – Man with SnowshoesCover
Everybody’s19239Cover – Pirate with SpyglassCover
Federal Illustrator1921 Sum Bringing the Outdoors InSchoonover, Frank A.
HamColM191110The RivalsParker
Harper’s19077The Eve of Saint JohnJanvier, Thomas A.
Harper’s190712The Toy ShopGerry, Margarita Spalding
Harper’s19089The Judgment of the SteerageMacBrayne, Lewis E.
Harper’s190812The Legends City of Mexico AJanvier, Thomas A.
Harper’s19092The Legends City of Mexico BJanvier, Thomas A.
Harper’s19097The Chief OperatorPhelps, Elizabeth
Harper’s190910The ExilesSingmaster, Elsie
Harper’s19092The Legends City of Mexico CJanvier, Thomas A.
Harper’s19104Women in Pennsa. Silk MillsSanville, Florence Lucas
Harper’s19106Home Life of Silk-Mill WkrsSanville, Florence Lucas
Harper’s19112The HeroGerry, Margarita Spalding
Harper’s19118BailSchock, George
Harper’s191112In the Haunts of Jean LafitteSchoonover, Frank A.
Harper’s19122The Tower of RevoltCrissey, Forrest
Harper’s19129FuegoFist, Horace
Harper’s191210The Fur-HarvestersSchoonover, Frank A.
Harper’s191211AmbushGibbon, Perceval
Harper’s19134The Little Wet Foot ABeymer, William Gilmore
Harper’s19135The Little Wet Foot ABeymer, William Gilmore
Harper’s19133The Narrow WayCornell, V. H.
Harper’s19153The Yellow CatSteele, Wilbur Daniel
Harper’s19155The Poison ShipRobertson, Morgan
Harper’s19157HeritageSteele, Wilbur Daniel
Harper’s191812Broken Soldier & Maid of FranceVandyke, Henry
Harper’s192112The Marriage of KairwanSteele, Wilbur Daniel
Harper’s19221RealitiesSpringer, Heta Campbell
Harper’s19224SavageryNordhoff, Charles
Harper’s19231“Arab Stuff”Steele, Wilbur Daniel
Harper’s19236“North Country”Martin, George Madden
Harper’s19239An Epic of Marble MountainDay, Frank Parker
Harper’s192311Northern LightsVorse, Mary Heaton
Harper’s19252Red BoneCarver, Ada Jack
Harper’s Weekly1901316Cardigan AChambers, Robert W.
Harper’s Weekly1901323Cardigan BChambers, Robert W.
Harper’s Weekly1901330Cardigan CChambers, Robert W.
Harper’s Weekly1901413Cardigan EChambers, Robert W.
Harper’s Weekly1901427Cardigan GChambers, Robert W.
Harper’s Weekly1901511Cardigan IChambers, Robert W.
Harper’s Weekly1901518Cardigan JChambers, Robert W.
Harper’s Weekly190168Cardigan MChambers, Robert W.
Harper’s Weekly1901622Cardigan OChambers, Robert W.
Harper’s Weekly1901629Cardigan PChambers, Robert W.
Harper’s Weekly190176Cardigan QChambers, Robert W.
Harper’s Weekly1901720Cardigan SChambers, Robert W.
Harper’s Weekly1901727Cardigan TChambers, Robert W.
Harper’s Weekly190183Cardigan UChambers, Robert W.
Harper’s Weekly1901810Cardigan VChambers, Robert W.
Harper’s Weekly190197Cardigan ZChambers, Robert W.
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Household1930Return of Martin Adams AShannon, Mary
Household1930Return of Martin Adams AShannon, Mary
The Instructor193310Cover – Indian Sun PriestCover
The Instructor19425Cover – Indian Sun PriestCover
Junior Red Cross Journal193211Trader and Imperial ScoutSkinner, Constance Lindsay
Junior Red Cross Journal19334My Canoe is All My GoodSkinner, Constance Lindsay
Junior Red Cross Journal193311Cover Charcoal & Blue PlateCover
Ladies’ Home Journal19133The Other WomanChild, Richard Washburn
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Ladies’ Home Journal19182The Sixth ManPutnam, George Palmer
Ladies’ Home Journal19183“Will You Tell Her I’m All Right”VanDyke, Catherine
Ladies’ Home Journal19184Mrs. Redding Sees It ThroughRichmond, Grace
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Ladies’ Home Journal19188Against the Sky of the TheatrePost, Melville Davisson
Ladies’ Home Journal19189The Flying StorksDriggs, Laurence La
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Ladies’ Home Journal191812When the Whine of “Kamerad!”War pics
Ladies’ Home Journal191812Leading them Back HomeWar pics
Ladies’ Home Journal19191The Old & Young of Mihil GreetWar pics
Ladies’ Home Journal19191Victorious Retreat Back to theWar pics
Ladies’ Home Journal19192Our Famous “Lost Battalion”War pics
Ladies’ Home Journal19193Under the White FlagWar pics
Ladies’ Home Journal19194The Gray Man of ChristWar pics
Ladies’ Home Journal19194Belleau Wood WarWar pics
Ladies’ Home Journal19195When Peace CameWar pics
Ladies’ Home Journal19196When Pope Benedict GreetedWar pics
Ladies’ Home Journal19197Doughboys First WarWar pics
Ladies’ Home Journal19198Smashing the Hindenberg LineWar pics
Ladies’ Home Journal19199How 20 Marines took BoureschesWar pics
Ladies’ Home Journal19199How I Escaped through RussiaBurnand, C. Berkeley
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Ladies’ Home Journal192812Treasure BKelland, Charles Buddington
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Ladies’ Home Journal19292Treasure DKelland, Charles Buddington
Ladies’ Home Journal19308At Brigade Headquarters Austin, F. Britten
Ladies’ Home Journal19309After All I’ve DoneJohn, William M.
Ladies’ Home Journal193010Canyon Walls AGrey, Zane
Ladies’ Home Journal193011Canyon Walls BGrey, Zane
Ladies’ Home Journal193012Canyon Walls CGrey, Zane
Leslie’s Magazine19049Where Northern Lights Come Down O’NightsBeach, Rex E.
Frank Leslie’s Popular Monthly19024The Barred WindowMacauley, Charles Raymond
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McClure’s19112Captain InnocencioBeach, Rex E.
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OutdrWd191310A Voyage of DiscoverySchoonover photos
OutdrWd191312At the Sign of Yellow Birch PolSchoonover photos
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Outing Magazine19065White Fang ALondon, Jack
Outing Magazine19066White Fang BLondon, Jack
Outing Magazine19066Bar 20 Range Yarns BMulford, Clarence Edward
Outing Magazine19067White Fang CLondon, Jack
Outing Magazine19068White Fang DLondon, Jack
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People’s Ideal Fiction19139Cover – Lake NagagamiCover
People’s Popular Monthly192211Ships Only DelayedMaxwell, Georgia
Popular Magazine191361Landing fishCover
Popular Magazine191321Fishing through IceCover
Popular Magazine1915127Rescue dog team & US mailCover
Popular Magazine191647Cover – Selling troutCover
Popular Magazine1917Cover – Bringing Home PickeralCover
Popular Magazine1917Cover – Fallen inCover
Popular Magazine1917Cover – PickeralCover
Popular Magazine1920117Escape From Forest FireCover
Popular Magazine192372Cover – Tex & PatchesCover
Popular Magazine1923122nd Cover – Trapper & Christmas treeCover
Popular Magazine1924220Cover – Canadian MountieCover
Popular Magazine1924520Cover – Indian & Canoe fishermanCover
Popular Magazine1924520Ojibwa Indian Spearing the Maskenozha
Popular Magazine192697Cover – Indian with salmonCover
Popular Magazine1926107Cover – Randerson kills PrickettCover
Popular Magazine1926117Cover – Portage canoe & man & gunCover
Popular Magazine1928121Cover – Yng prizefighter & oldmanCover
Popular Magazine1928218Cover – Gun men & rifle clubCover
Popular Magazine1928127Cover – Santa Claus in BalloonCover
Popular Magazine1929220Cover – Man with SnowshoesCover
Popular Magazine193032Cover – Colonial soldier & marshCover
Popular Magazine193041Cover – Mountie & Indian teepeeCover
Popular Magazine193061Cover – LoggerCover
Popular Magazine193072over – 2 men on horsesCover
Popular Magazine1931Cover – cowpuncher dancingCover
Progressive Farmer and Southern Ruralist19387Cover – Pickett’s ChargeCover
Redbook19213The Mistake of M. BruetteMarsh, George T.
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Saturday Evening Post1915814The Treasure HunterPost, Melville Davisson
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Saturday Evening Post1916610The BadgeRussell, John
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Sunday Magazine19071020The Healing Springs & CoverParker, Sir Gilbert
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Top Notch Magazine191721Cover – Bringing home pickeralCover
Top Notch Magazine1917315Cover – Fallen inCover
Top Notch Magazine1917121Cover – PickeralCover
Winged Head Magazine19131Cover – A Pirate of the GulfCover
Woman’s World191612Christmas He Didn’t WantDill, Mabel
World’s Work19243Cover – Fur SupplyCover
World’s Work19243Is our Fur Supply in DangerSeaton, Ernest Thomson
World’s Work19243Is our Fur Supply in DangerSeton, Ernest Thomson
Youth’s Companion1908611Their Flag DayMcCrillis
Youth’s Companion1926325The Stream-Drivers RevengeRoberts, Charles G. D.
Youth’s Companion192656The Gun-RunnersCole, Edwin
Youth’s Companion19261111A Rock River FugitiveRinehart, Mary Roberts
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Youth’s Companion1926129The Finding of the ChuckwallaAustin, Mary
Youth’s Companion1927310The Girl of TiptopCleveland, H. I.
Youth’s Companion192747Too Proud to Run AwayHough, Emerson
Youth’s Companion1927512Sir Douglas, Sheep DogCuthbertson, Anna Marie
Youth’s Companion19293Splintershin CampHarriman, E. E.
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Norman Rockwell Museum



Norman Rockwell Museum is Open 7 days a week year-round

May – October and holidays:

open daily: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Thursdays: 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. (July/August 2015)
Rockwell’s Studio open May through October.

November – April: open daily:

Weekdays: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Weekends and holidays: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Holiday Closings:

The Museum is Closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day





Members: FREE
Adults: $18.00
Seniors (65+): $17.00
College students with ID: $10.00
Children/teens 6 — 18: $6.00
Children 5 and under: FREE

Official Museum Website





Norman Rockwell Museum
9 Route 183
Stockbridge, MA 01262

413-298-4100 x 221