Cap Rouge Hill
FES Title: Heading Chapter I
Alternate Titles: Cap Rogue, Canada
[1925]; The French Canadian Village of Cap Rouge [1934]; Cap Rouge Street [1962]
Date: 07/16/1902
Size: 5″H x 6″W
Medium: charcoal-wash-paper
Type: illustration
Published: Parker, Gilbert. The Lane that Had No Turning. New York: Doubleday Page & Co., 1902: 3.
no caption

Smith, Louise Schoonover. “The Art of Frank E. Schoonover.” Illustration, July 2003: 27.
caption: The Lane That Had No Turning (chapter heading), 1902. Pencil, 5″ x 6″. Daybook #110. Private collection.

Inscription: ll: F.S. / ’02
Exhibitions: 1925 WSFA B&W; 1931 FES; 1934 Wesleyan; 1962 FES
Comments: 5/30/02; Form 5/31/02; index; edit
Provenance: Sold by artist to William Monson, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania; descended in family to private collection