Evening at Beaver Dam
FES Title: Evening at Beaver Dam
Alternate Titles: Evening on the La Trenche
[1931]; Rivier La Tranch, Canada [1962]; Canadian Landscape [1986]
Date: 1903
Size: 14″H x 9.75″W
Medium: oil-crayon-paper
Type: subject painting
Published: Drexel University Museum. Frank E. Schoonover at Drexel: Illustration and the Academic Tradition 1892-1903. Philadelphia: Drexel University, 1986: 55.
caption: 61. Canadian Landscape


Inscription: en verso: Schoonover
Annotations: en verso upper left: 201 199
en verso: Schoonover [ on ] 14 x 18 20
Exhibitions: 1931 FES; 1962 FES; 1986 Drexel
Comments: index; edit
Commentary: “When the men looked about, they found a letter…saying that the families had left for the month of February to try the hunting at another of his camps about two day’s away on the La Trench River.” (trip diary) See #194 for further commentary.


Provenance: Private collection