Marieanne – Lac Au Jeanne
FES Title: Marieanne – Lac Au Jeanne
Alternate Titles: A Cree Squaw (1911, 1962)
Date: 1904
Size: 18″H x 11.5″W
Medium: oil-crayon-paper
Type: illustration
Published: Schoonover, Frank E. “The Edge of the Wilderness.” Scribner’s Magazine, April 1905: 451.
caption: A Cree Squaw.

Schoonover, Frank E. The Edge of Wilderness, edited by Cortlandt Schoonover. Toronto: Methuen, 1974: 88.
caption: A Cree Indian Woman

Inscription: lr: F. E. S.
Exhibitions: 1911 PAFA; 1962 FES
Comments: index; edit; scanned 5/14/03 Kelly
Commentary: See #194 for commentary.
Provenance: Artist; Helen L. Card, Latendorf Bookshop, New York (December 6, 1962); William A. Morton, Jr.; not known