We Stopped and Waited
FES Title: we stopped and waited
Alternate Titles: A Rest on the Trail
Date: 10/1904
Size: 30″H x 20″W
Medium: oil-on-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Schoonover, Frank E. “Breaking Trail.” Scribner’s Magazine, May 1905: 569.
caption: A rest on the trail.

Seton, Ernest Thomson. “Is Our Fur Supply in Danger?” World’s Work, March 1924: 500.
caption: The fur brigade halts in its journey to collect furs and the men smoke a pipe’s spell, as the expression in the argot of the North Woods.

Schoonover, Frank E. The Edge of Wilderness, edited by Cortlandt Schoonover. Toronto: Methuen, 1974: 37.
caption: A Rest on the Trail; 1905.

Inscription: lr: Frank E. Schoonover
Exhibitions: 1983 Glenbow
Comments: relined; Glenbow #R303.1; seen 8/03; index; edit
Commentary: This is the first of Schoonover’s illustrations in which he used specific knowledge gained during his winter trip to Canada (1903-1904). He worked for sixteen days over a four month period on this work. (day books)
The tobaggan, along with other ephemera, is in the artist’s studio. For further commentary, see #194.
See related photograph by Schoonover of toboggans resting on the trail in Canada. (#225p)
Provenance: Artist; Helen L. Card, Latendorf Bookshop, New York; The Devonian Foundation (August 1, 1968); Collection of Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta, Canada [1979]