For He Had Caught the Major Red-Handed
FES Title:
[no title entered in day books]
Alternate Titles: Major Red (1987, 1998)
Date: 11/08/1905
Size: 30″H x 20″W
Medium: oilColumbiacanvas
Type: illustration
Published: Brown, Katherine Holland. “The Bridge Across the Night.” Scribner’s Magazine, May 1906: 580.
caption: For he had caught the major red-handed. – Page 578
Inscription: ll: Schoonover / ’05
Exhibitions: 1987 Greenville; 1998 Biggs
Comments: mounted on board; index; edit;
form – 4/26/07
Provenance: The Gallery at Greenville, Greenville, Delaware [1987]; Schoonover Studios, Ltd., Wilmington, Delaware (as of 1998); Collection of Tom and Tina Duffy
Current Owner: