“He Is a Fine Young Fellow”
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Date: 06/1906
Size: 0″H x 0″W
Medium: charcoal_BR
Type: illustration
Published: Steffens, Lincoln. “Ben B. Lindsey: The Just Judge.” McClure’s Magazine, October 1906: 568.
caption: “‘We saved that boy, and today he is a fine young fellow, industrious, self-respecting, and a friend of the Court.'”
Inscription: ll: Schoonover / Denver, Colo.
Comments: index; edit
Commentary: In June 1906, Schoonover traveled to Denver, Colorado, and Butte, Montana, on assignment for McClure’s Magazine. The Denver newspaper reported, “Frank, E. Schoonover, one of the staff of writers for McClure’s Magazine, who is also an artist, is at the Brown Palace hotel and will investigate the work of the Colorado juvenile courts. He will follow up the work begun here by Lincoln Steffens.” (archives)
The artist took photographs and made drawings which were published in the Lincoln Steffans article about Judge Lindsey who is accredited for saving the lives of many young boys by keeping them out of prison and putting them in self-help programs.
Provenance: Not known