Lincoln in the Toy Shop
FES Title: Washington – Toy Shop & Canoes
Alternate Titles: The Toy Shop
[1916]; Lincoln and the Toy Soldiers [1997]
Date: 08/03/1907
Size: 36″H x 24″W
Medium: oil-on-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Gerry, Margarita Spalding. “The Toy Shop.” Harper’s Monthly Magazine, December 1907: 11.
caption: Marvelous operations were soon in progress on the counter.

Gerry, Margarita Spaulding. The Toy Shop: A Romantic Story of Lincoln the Man. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1908: cover.
no caption

Apgar, John F., Jr. Frank E. Schoonover, Painter-Illustrator: A Bibliography. Morristown, NJ: John F. Apgar, Jr., 1969: 17.
caption: Marvelous operations were soon in progress on the counter. Illustration from the story The Toy Shop by Margarita Spaulding Gerry, Harper’s Monthly Magazine, 1908. The illustration also appears on the cover of the book The Toy Shop published by Harper’s Publishing Co., 1908.

Smith, Louise Schoonover. “The Art of Frank E. Schoonover.” Illustration, July 2003: 30.
caption: “Lincoln In the Toy Shop,” 1907. Oil on canvas, 36″ x 24″. Daybook #310, Collection Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Wilmington, DE.

Inscription: lmr: F.E. Schoonover / ’07
Exhibitions: 1916 WSFA; 1939 Syracuse; 1967 WSFS; 1977 FES; 1997 Longwood; 2001 FES
Comments: TP; index; edit
(archives Box 32-3)
Commentary: After beginning the work for The Toy Shop the artist traveled to Washington, DC, July 28th through July 30th, to do further research. In a letter dated November 30, 1939 to Hibbard Kline of Syracuse University, Schoonover writes that “the background in both illustrations was done in Washington” and “the interior of the toy shop was just as it was during the time Lincoln was accustomed to go there to talk to Schultz [sic].” (archives, correspondence, day books)
The artist kept a careful record of his trip expenses. The cab for the journey of 4 hours was $6.75, the room at the Driscoll was $3.50, and two dinner and two lunches amounted to $3.75. With a few incidentals, the total cost for the entire trip was $21.00. (day books)
Provenance: Artist; Helen L. Card, Latendorf Bookshop, New York (as of June 19, 1961); Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Wilmington, Delaware
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