The Coming of the Fur Brigade – Sketch
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Date: 12/18/1911
Size: 0″H x 0″W
Medium: graphite-on-paper
Type: sketch for illustration
Published: “Sketch Book…featuring the work of outstanding Delaware artists.” Dateline Delaware, Sepember-October 1960: 27.
caption: “Coming of the Cree and Ojibwa Trappers to Hudson Bay Post, at Long Lake, Canada”. This painting was used as an illustration in Schoonover’s story, “The Edge of the Wilderness”, published in Harper’s Monthly. In the General Motors Building collection. At lower left is the original pencil sketch.
Comments: see #474 for final painting; index; edit
Commentary: The publication information given in the above caption is incorrect. #474, for which this is the sketch, was created for and published in “The Fur Harvesters” in Harper’s Magazine, October 1912.
Provenance: Not known