The Orb of Day Appeared
FES Title: The Orb of Day appeared
Alternate Titles:
Date: 09/13/1912
Size: 8.1875″H x 9.5″W
Medium: oil-on-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Copley, Frank Bartley. “The Sublime Example of Sherwood Drayton.” American Magazine, December 1913: 42.
caption: And as they rode over the hills the east grew luminous, and the orb of day appeared
Inscription: ll: F.E.S.
Annotations: en verso on paper label on frame: Property of / F A Myers, Jr.
Comments: DAM 6/24/04; TP 10/19/06; form 10/19/06; index; edit
canvas is mounted on board
Commentary: In addition to the initialed inscription, there appears to be the beginning of a second inscription, as the word “Frank” is printed in the lower right.
Provenance: Given by artist to Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Myers, Jr.; Resettler’s, Centerville, Delaware (c.1995); private collection
Current Owner: