“Here Is This Young Man – He Belongs to You – ”
FES Title: Here is this young man – he belongs to you –
Alternate Titles: Return Home
Date: 11/29/1912
Size: 30″H x 34″W
Medium: oil on canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Child, Richard Washburn. “The Other Woman: The Story of How She Came Aboard the Agnes May.” The Ladies Home Journal, March 1913: 13.
caption: ‘He Belonged to You, Daughter, and I, God Forgive Me, Have Brought Him Back to You!’
Inscription: lr: Schoonover / ’12
Comments: DAM scan 1/13/06; index; edit 11/06
size and medium are from Sotheby’s:
get info Illustration Magazine
Provenance: Sold by artist to Mrs. Irenee duPont (November 28, 1912); Sotheby’s Arcade, New York (June 12, 2006); Estate of Charles Martignette, Hallandale, Florida
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