They Knew No Respite From the Toil of Trace and Trail
FES Title: “Day after day they knew no respite from the toil of trace and trail” 2nd part
Alternate Titles: Breaking Trail
Date: 05/20/1913
Size: 24″H x 39″W
Medium: oil-on-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Marsh, George T. “With the Winter Mail.” Scribner’s Magazine, January 1914: 125.
caption: from the toil of trace and trail — Page 128.
Inscription: lr: FES / ’13
Exhibitions: 1931 FES
Comments: non-trany 4×5; index; edit;
restretched; relined; digital 1-25-07
Commentary: This monochromatic image is the right side of the double spread with #568. For further commentary, see #231.
Provenance: Schoonover Studios, Ltd., Wilmington, Delaware; private collection