Meade Banquet
FES Title: Public Ledger: Meade Banquet
Alternate Titles:
Date: 01/23/1914
Size: 40″H x 60″W
Medium: oil-on-Best
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Commentary: In a letter from Trenton, New Jersey dated October 13, 1913, Col. John Schoonover, the artist’s father explains about this banquet which was given for General Meade of Civil War fame. The Colonel explains, “I have just had a talk with a former officer of the United States Army who informed me that Gen. Meade was positively in uniform at the Ledger Banquet in 1867. He got his uniform from a man who was at the banquet. He informed me that Meade always appeared in uniform on occasions of this kind.” (archives, correspondence)
Schoonovers day books indicate that he worked on two separate canvases under this number. Both the same size, the first was done on Best English Linen, the second on Single Prime canvas. It is not known whether they were variations on the same compositions or companion pieces. No further evidence of this painting has been found.
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