Outlaw’s Cabin
FES Title: Outlaws Cabin
Alternate Titles: Mountain Family (1916, 1926)
Date: 12/13/1913
Size: 30″H x 40″W
Medium: oil-on-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Gauss, Marianne. “The Final Escape.” Collier’s Weekly, 28 March 1914: 13.
caption: “I know I cayn’t read,” she admitted, “but thar’s a holy peace comes over me ef I jes’ tetch a Bible with my hand.”
Inscription: ll: F.E. Schoonover ’13
Annotations: en verso on partial label on stretcher: Escape Schoonover March 28, 1914
en verso on paper label on stretcher: Part II The outlaws final escape
en verso on stretcher: Return to Frank E. Schoonover
en verso on label on stretcher: Baltimore Museum of Art 27.26.4
Exhibitions: 1916 WSFA; 1926 AFA
Comments: TP 10/24/02; form 10/24/02; index; edit;
original stretcher and canvas
Edward Rutkowski frame
Baltimore Museum of Art 27.26.4
[?] [probably part of AFA tour]
Provenance: Private collection
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