Hugh Glyn Announces Death of Snow
FES Title: Hugh Glyn announces death of
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Date: 08/08/1914
Size: 26″H x 33″W
Medium: oilColumbiacanvas
Type: illustration
Published: Connolly, James B. “The Trawler.” Collier’s Weekly, 31 October 1914: 8.
caption: I remember how Hugh Glynn stepped within the door of John Snow’s kitchen that night, and how he bent his head to step within; and how he bowed to John Snow, Mrs. Snow, and Mary Snow in turn, and, facing John Snow, made as if to speak; but how his voice would not come…. He was a grand man to look at; not only his face, but the height and build of him, and he was fresh in from sea

Connolly, James B. Head Winds. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1916: facing 86.
caption: “The Arbiter’s to anchor in the stream and her flag’s to half-mast.”

Inscription: ul: F.E. Schoonover / ’14
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