Randerson on Patches
FES Title: Randerson on Patches
Alternate Titles: Tex on Patches; “Patches” A Real Cow -Pony
Date: 06/30/1916
Size: 36″H x 27″W
Medium: oil_single-prime-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Seltzer, Charles Alden. The Range Boss. Chicago: A. C. McClurg and Co., 1916: dust jacket, frontispiece.
caption: Randerson watches the newcomers [Page 2]

______. New York: Grosset & Dunlap, 1916: dust jacket, frontispiece.
caption: [same]

The Popular Magazine, 20 July 1923: cover
no caption

Inscription: ll: F.E. Schoonover / ’16
Exhibitions: 1925 Washington
Comments: index; edit
restretched to 41.5 by 24.5
Commentary: This painting was altered and renumbered #1419.
Provenance: See #1419