Joan On Hilltop
FES Title: Joan on hilltop: (For cover of book)
Alternate Titles: Joan of Arc (1921, 1967, 1999, 2001)
Date: 02/22/1918
Size: 36″H x 27″W
Medium: oil-on-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Madison, Lucy Foster. Joan of Arc. Philadelphia: The Penn Publishing Company, 1919: cover.
no caption

______. Philadelphia: David McKay Company, c. 1918: cover.
no caption

Schoonover, Cortlandt. Frank Schoonover, Illustrator of the North American Frontier. New York: Watson-Guptill Publications, 1976: 162.
caption: Joan of Arc

Inscription: lr: -S-
Exhibitions: 1921 Normal School; 1967 WSFS; 1999 Biggs; 2001 FES
Comments: TP 3/01; form 2/11/03; index; edit
Commentary: Penn Publishing commissioned Schoonover to illustrate a series of novels about historical figures by Lucy Foster Madison: Joan of Arc
[1918], Lafayette [1921], Washington [1925], and Lincoln [1928]. Each book included illustrations by Schoonover for the covers, frontispieces, and interiors.

Provenance: Artist; Collection of Tower Hill School, Wilmington, Delaware [1924]