American Joe Shows Connie How to Build a Lynx Cabane
FES Title: American Joe shows Connie how to build a Lynx cabane
Alternate Titles: Setting the Lynx Trap
Date: 09/21/1920
Size: 34″H x 27″W
Medium: oil-on-Students-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Hendryx, James B. “Bait – and a Bear.” The American Boy, January 1921: 11.
caption: The Snare Was Set Only a Foot or Two From the Stuffed Rabbit Skin And Sticks and Brush so Arranged To Reach the Rabbit the Lynx Must Leap Straight into the Snare.

Hendryx, James B. Connie Morgan in the Fur Country. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1921: 130.
caption: “The snare was set only a foot or two from the stuffed rabbit skin and sticks and brush so arranged that in order to reach the rabbit the lynx must leap straight into the snare.”

Inscription: lr: F.E .Schoonover / ’20
Exhibitions: 1921 WSFA
Comments: index; edit
Commentary: It is thought that this work is based on Schoonover’s experience during his trips to Canada. It bears a striking resemblance to #214, a drawing from his 1903 – 1904 winter trip.
Schoonover gave this painting to his friend, James Hendryx, who was the author of the magazine story and the book in which the work was published. (archives)
Provenance: Given by artist to James Hendryx; descended in the family to private collection