“Carry Him to the Mission, Jules.”
FES Title:   Frontispiece. Supporting the sobbing girl, Pere Breton ordered – “Carry him to the Mission, Jules.”
Alternate Titles:   Wounded Lover (1925, 1962)
Date:   03/01/1922
Size:   36″H x 27″W
Medium:   oil-Sin-Prim-Smoocan
Type:   illustration
Published:   Marsh, George T. The Whelps of the Wolf. Philadelphia: The Penn Publishing Company, 1922: frontispiece.
caption: Supporting the sobbing girl, Pere Breton ordered: ‘Carry him to the Mission, Jules.’

Kennedy Galleries. Artists of the American West June 3-July 15, 1980. New York: Kennedy Galleries, 1980; n.p.
caption: 62. The Wounded Man from Whelps of the Wolf

Inscription:   lr: Frank E. Schoonover
Exhibitions:   1925 Washington; 1962 FES; 1980 Kennedy (catalog)
Comments:   index; edit 11/06
Provenance:   Sold by artist to Robert H. George, George & Lynch, Inc., Wilmington, Delaware (November 1962); Kennedy Galleries, New York -1980; Illustration House, New York – 1980; private collection; Illustration House, New York (May 6, 1995); private collection; Heritage Auctions, Lot 76075 (November 10, 2012)