Blackbeard in Smoke and Flame
FES Title: Blackbeard in Smoke and Flame
Alternate Titles: Blackbeard in Smoke and Flames (1979, 2001)
Date: 05/09/1922
Size: 36″H x 30″W
Medium: oil-on-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Paine, Ralph D. “Blackbeard the Buccaneer.” The American Boy, August 1922: 18.
caption: Flames Began to Burn, Blue and Green and Yellow and the Lurid Smoke Rolled to the Deck Beams Overhead

Paine, Ralph D. Blackbeard Buccaneer. Philadelphia: The Penn Publishing Company, 1922: 224.
caption: He looked like the Belial Whom He was So Fond of Claiming as His Mentor

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caption: Blackbeard in Smoke and Flame

Brandywine River Museum. Frank E. Schoonover, Illustrator. Chadds Ford, PA: Brandywine River Museum, 1979: 36, 44.
caption: Blackbeard in Smoke and Flame, 1922

Cordingly, David, ed. Pirates: Terror on the High Seas from the Caribbean to the South China Sea. Atlanta: Turner Publishing Inc., 1996: 100.
caption: Blackbeard in Smoke and Flame, a painting by Frank Schoonover commissioned to illustrate an article in American Boy magazine in September 1922. All the descriptions of Blackbeard suggest that he was as terrifying as he appears here, and that he deliberately cultivated a fearsome image in order to keep his crew in their place and to encourage his victims to surrender without a fight.

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no caption

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caption: Frank Schoonover: “Blackbeard in Smoke and Flame”.

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caption: La farouche pirate Barbe-Noire au combat, composition du peintre Frank Schoonover (debut du XXe siecle).

Lapouge, Gilles. Pirates, boucaniers, flibustiers. France: Editions du Chene, Hachette livre, 2002: 121.
caption: “Blackbeard in Smoke and Flam” (Blackbeard dans la fumee et les flammes), par Franck Schoonover, 1922.

Smith, Louise Schoonover. “The Art of Frank E. Schoonover.” Illustration, July 2003: 22.
caption: “Blackbeard in Smoke and Flame,” 1922. Oil on canvas, 36″ x 30″. Daybook #1121. Private collection.

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caption: Blackbeard in smoke and flames.

Inscription: ll: F.E.S. / ’22
Annotations: en verso on stretcher: May 1922 – 1121
Exhibitions: 1925 Washington; 1965 Gift Horse; 1979 FES (catalog); 2001 FES; 2003 Farnsworth
Comments: non-trany 4×5; TP 8/28/01; form 2/1/03; index; edit 11/06; capitalization and spelling of title and caption of lapouge entry are correct despite appearances – A.
Provenance: Artist; The Gift Horse, West Chester, Pennsylvania
[1965]; Mrs. Thomas Spackman, West Chester, Pennsylvania (April 17, 1965); Mongerson Gallery, Chicago (April 1976); Collection of B. Walker Lee