Ganges Coming to the Wharf
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Date: 08/16/1923
Size: 18″H x 34″W
Medium: oil-cotton-canvas
Type: illustration
Inscription: lm: 1923 Frank E. Schoonover 1923
Annotations: en verso on label on stretcher: Privateers – 6th installment – 1256 / Heading from last chapter (14th) / The East Indiaman at the port of Salem
en verso on label on stretcher: Sold to Janet Hickman / Made for the story ‘The Privateers of ’76’ / Written by Ralph Paine / The East Indiaman at the port of Salem / The name of the ship was the Ganges
Comments: TP 2/28/02; form 2/28/02; image changed by artist; index; edit
Commentary: This work was painted and published as a vignette. Janet Hickman, who often visited the artist in his studio, wanted a painting of the sea. She chose this one, and recounts that she asked Schoonover to paint in the white parts of the vignette, especially the sea. He agreed to do it.
When he finished, he told her that she had made a good choice because N.C. Wyeth had posed for the man on the dock. Then he looked at her with a wry smile and said, It looks so good, I hate to sell it. But he did. (interview, 2002)
Provenance: Sold by the artist to Janet Hickman, Wilmington, Delaware; descended in the family to Collection of Patricia H. O’Toole