FES Title: Washington. Cover.
Alternate Titles:
Date: 01/17/1924
Size: 36″H x 27.5″W
Medium: oil-gilding-Best
Type: illustration
Published: Madison, Lucy Foster. Washington. Philadelphia: The Penn Publishing Company, 1925: cover.
no caption

______. New York: The Hampton Publishing Company, 1925: cover.
no caption

Inscription: ll: Frank E. / Schoonover / ’24
Annotations: en verso on label: original painting for cover design of Washington by Lucy Foster Madison property of the Penn Publishing Company of Philadelphia.
en verso on label oon stretcher: Washington
[ ] cover [ ] January 1924

Exhibitions: 1943 Warner; 1968 Clubhouse; 1977 FES
Comments: TP 8/7/02; index; edit
Provenance: Artist; Schoonover Studios, Ltd., Wilmington, Delaware; Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Burgess, Wilmington, Delaware; private collection [2004]