Indian Dancing
FES Title: Cover = Indian Dancing.
Alternate Titles: Indian War Dance; Plumed Snake Medicine; Cover for American Boy
Date: 01/28/1924
Size: 36″H x 30″W
Medium: oil-on-Best
Type: illustration
Published: Schultz, James Willard. “Plumed Snake Medicine.” The American Boy, April 1924: cover.
no caption

Schultz, James Willard. Plumed Snake Medicine. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1924: dust jacket and cover.
no caption

Inscription: ll as published: Schoonover / ’24
ll after publication: Frank E. / Schoonover / ’24 [Frank E. added after publication]
Exhibitions: 1928 LA Public
Comments: digital Sotheby’s; index; edit; sketch see #1279s
artist to unidentified private collection
Commentary: See related photograph by Schoonover of an Indian on a Blackfoot reservation. (#1279p)
Provenance: Sold by artist to private collection, California; Sotheby’s, New York (May 24, 2006); not known