Little Tebeau Watched Him From a Distance
FES Title: Little Tebeau watched him from a distance
Alternate Titles:
Date: 04/29/1925
Size: 27″H x 38″W
Medium: oil-Russian-Linen
Type: illustration
Published: Marsh, George. “The Vengeance of Black Fox.” Red Book Magazine, September 1925: 42.
caption: As Arsene returned with the fox, the puzzled eyes of Little Tebeau watched him from a distance

Marsh, George T. Sled Trails and White Waters. Philadelphia: The Penn Publishing Company, 1929: facing 50.
caption: Little Tebeau Watched Him from a Distance

Dykes, Jeff C. “Tentative Bibliographic Check Lists of Western Illustrators.” American Book Collector, October 1966: 15.
caption: Illustration by Schoonover

Dykes, Jeff. Fifty Great Western Illustrators. Northland Press, 1975: 362.
caption: Little Tebeau watched him from a distance by Schoonover from Sled Trail and White Waters

Inscription: lm: F.E.S.
Comments: DAM scan 1/13/06; index; edit
Commentary: This painting was cut down and is listed as #1380cd. (day books)
Provenance: See #1380cd