Dog Fight
FES Title: – Dog Fight – Thane caught the larger dog, by a foreleg & wrenched violently to break a leg.
Alternate Titles:
Date: 11/24/1925
Size: 25″H x 30″W
Medium: oil-cotton-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Terhune, Albert Payson. “Cowards Both!” Country Gentleman, April 1929: 10.
caption: Fast as he was, Thane was not quite quick enough to gain the desired grip.

Schoonover, Cortlandt. Frank Schoonover, Illustrator of the North American Frontier. New York: Watson-Guptill Publications, 1976: 90.
caption: The Dog Fight

Inscription: lr: F.E.S. / ’25
Annotations: en verso: 1418
Comments: TP 8/3/02; index; edit
Commentary: The store in this painting is called “Pat’s Store” in honor of Schoonover’s son.
Provenance: Sold by artist to private collection