Young Bear Chief
FES Title:   Young Bear Chief
Alternate Titles:   The Wise Elder
Date:   12/08/1926
Size:   32″H x 20″W
Medium:   oil-on-English-Linen-canvas
Type:   illustration
Published:   Hough, Emerson. “Too Proud to Run Away.” The Youth’s Companion, 7 April 1927: 236.
caption: Of evenings the old man, grandfather of Natama, would sometimes tell stories of the old days when the buffalo were on the plains
Inscription:   lr: S / ’26
Exhibitions:   1998 Allentown Art Museum
Comments:   relined; Digital image taken in FL 6-16-05; index; edit
Commentary:   This image was painted over #1033. (day books)

Dr. William A. Morton, West Chester, Pennsylvania; Bartfield Galleries, New York; private collection
Freeman’s, Lot 79 (June 18, 2014)