All Day Long The Men Gathered
FES Title: Chap 25. Gal 7. All day long the men gathered. They were waiting for darkness.
Alternate Titles: Country Gentleman (a Pair)
Date: 09/12/1927
Size: 29.5″H x 42″W
Medium: oil-on-Linen-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Bethea, Jack. “Silver Fleece.” Country Gentleman, December 1927: 24.
caption: There was something terrible about the sight of the little eddying groups on the sidewalks. She had seen all day the men drifting into town, faces stern, eyes hard.
Inscription: lr: F.E.S. / ’27
Exhibitions: 1968 Clubhouse
Comments: trany project 10/19/06; index; edit; restretched and repaired on exhibition for sale at Clubhouse Art Galleries, Media, Pennsylvania (October 14 – November 15, 1968)
Provenance: Sold by artist to Mrs. L.G. Hagner; descended in family to private collection