Lincoln – Illustrations
FES Title:   “Illustrations”
Alternate Titles:    
Date:   12/03/1927
Size:   2.25″H x 6.5″W
Medium:   pen and ink on paper
Type:   illustration
Published:   Madison, Lucy Foster. Lincoln. Philadelphia: The Penn Publishing Company, 1928: illustrations page, 79, 123.

______. New York: The Hampton Publishing Company, 1928: illustrations page, 64, 79, 123.

Inscription:   lr: To Madge Tatnall from the artist/ Frank E. Schoonover / Feb 2, 1941/ S/Marguerite duPont Tatnall Currey
Annotations:   en verso: This pen drawing was reproduced as a heading for / “List of Illustrations” / in the book “Lincoln” by Lucy Foster Madison
Comments:   index; edit; database updated LSS 11/2013/ LSS 7/2014
Commentary:   given by the artist to the recipient as a birthday gift on Feb 2., 1941.
Provenance:   Given by artist to Margaretta duPont Tatnall (Curry) 
[Wilmington, Delaware 1941]; inherited by current owner, private collection.