Masterman Ready
FES Title: Jacket for Masterman Ready
Alternate Titles:
Date: 05/14/1928
Size: 36″H x 28.25″W
Medium: oil-on-Linen-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Marryat, Captain. Masterman Ready. New York: Harper and Brothers, 1928: cover, dust jacket and frontispiece.
[no caption]
Inscription: ll: F.E. Schoonover / ’28
Annotations: en verso on stretcher: [Schoonover Studio label]
Exhibitions: 1934 Wesleyan; 1935 FAO Schwartz; 1962 Bank of Delaware; 1965 Gift Horse
Comments: index; edit
Provenance: Sold by artist to Mrs. Richard DeVictor, Kendal Park, New Jersey; private collection [2001]