They Mushed Slowly
FES Title:
[no title entered in day books]
Alternate Titles: Trapper and Mac
Date: 06/07/1928
Size: 28″H x 36″W
Medium: oil-on-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Evans, Hubert. “Mac’s Way of Honor.” The American Boy, November 1928: 12.
caption: All that afternoon they mushed slowly toward the top of the height of land.
Inscription: ll: F.E. Schoonover / ’28
Exhibitions: 2001 Pensacola
Comments: index; edit
Provenance: Schoonover Studios, Ltd., Wilmington, Delaware; Charles Martignette, Hallandale, Florida; The Cronley Collection, Pensacola, Florida (February 28, 2002); donated to the Frank E. Schoonover Fund, Inc., Wilmington, Delaware (November 2, 2004); private collection