The Two Bucks, Trapped and Desparate, Fought
FES Title: The two bucks, trapped and desparate, fought like cornered animals.
Alternate Titles:
Date: 02/04/1929
Size: 24.5″H x 46″W
Medium: oil-cotton-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Mowery, William Byron. “The Girl From God’s Mercie” Red Book Magazine, May 1929:68-69.
caption: Radisson sprang forward and smashed his clubbed rifle against the dazed Antler Hare. The other two bucks, trapped, fought like cornered animals. But Harl was upon them.
Inscription: ll: Frank E. Schoonover / 1929
Annotations: en verso: 1688
en verso on stretcher: 1688
en verso on partial label on stretcher:1688
en verso on partial typed label on stretcher:
[3]rd installmen[t] “God’s Mercie” Jan. 1929 no[ ] / pg 20 mss. / [b]ucks trapped desparate [,] fought like / cornered [ ].
Comments: DAM 7/22/04; also digital; 4×5 image from Christies; index; form 4-07; edit
Provenance: Christie’s, Los Angeles (November 16, 2005); private collection