Malay on Board Ship
FES Title: Chapter Heading for “Pepper Pirates” Maylay
[sic] on board ship.
Alternate Titles: Pen and Ink Heading for Pepper Pirates [1961]
Date: 10/13/1930
Size: 2″H x 7″W
Medium: pen-and-ink
Type: illustration
Published: Holland, Rupert Sargent. Yankee Ships in Pirate Waters. Philadelphia: Macrae-Smith-Company, 1931: 85.
[no caption]

__________. Garden City, NY: Garden City Publishing Co., 1931: 85.
[no caption]

Inscription: lr: .S.
Exhibitions: 1961 Warehouse
Comments: TP 3/28/02; index; edit; chapter heading
Provenance: Collection of Howard Pyle Brokaw