A Merciless Face Glared From the Bushes
FES Title: Near the foot of the hill a merciless face glared from the bushes
Alternate Titles:
Date: 05/02/1931
Size: 30″H x 21″W
Medium: oil-on-Best
Type: illustration
Published: Sublette, C.M. The Scarlet Cockerel. Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1931: 76.
caption: A merciless painted face glared from the bushes. Page 76.
Inscription: lr: Frank E. Schoonover / ’31
Annotations: en verso on label: “An original painting by Frank E. Schoonover of 1616 North Rodney Street Wilmington was made for the book ‘The Scarlet Cockerel’ It is numbered 1846 and dated April 1931 Frank E. Schoonover Caption “Near the foot of the hill a merciless face glared from the bushes” On best English linen canvas – 21×30 owned by C. W. Griffith / 101 Edgewood Road / Wil. Del
en verso – owner label: “The Scarlet Cockerel painted in 1931 (caption) MERCILESS PAINTED FACE GLARED FROM THE BUSHES. / the artist Frank Schoonover purchased while at his / studio in 1955. a museum estimate $20,000. / plus or minus Carroll W. Griffith
Comments: TP10/24/02; form 10/24/02; index; edit
(Conservation records in 1994)
Commentary: Carroll W. Griffith recounts: “In the 1950’s, I was out for an evening’s drive and stopped by the studio
[1616 North Rodney St.]. Mr. Schoonover said, ‘Let’s see what’s here.’ There were piles of paintings. He said, ‘$50 each for them.’ I picked this one and have been happy with it ever since.” (interview with Carroll W. Griffith, 2002)
For further commentary, see #1832.
Provenance: Sold by artist to Carroll W. Griffith, Wilmington, Delaware (November 7, 1949); descended in family to private collection