Among Her Iced and Gleaming Snowmen and Snow Bears in the White Garden
FES Title: Among her iced and gleaming snowmen, snow bears in the white garden – the small girl tracks about on her show shoes.
Alternate Titles:
Date: 10/1931
Size: 0″H x 0″W
Medium: oil-on-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Skinner, Constance Lindsay. “A Child in the Fur Country.” Junior Red Cross News, January 1932: 106.
caption: The small girl tracks about among her gleaming snowmen and snow bears
Inscription: lr: F.E. Schoonover
Annotations: en verso: 1885
Comments: index; edit
Examined by restorer 11/9/02 – original image not recoverable
Commentary: This painting was overpainted by one of Schoonover’s students at the artist’s insistence. The daybook number en verso, and the student’s verbal explanation support this. The painting was examined by an art conservator on November 9, 2002 and it was determined that the original image was not recoverable.
Provenance: Private collection