Down the Hillside They Came, the Red-gold Dog Streaking in Front.
FES Title: Right Pg. 8 “Down the hillside they came the red-gold dog streaking in front.”
Alternate Titles:
Date: 1932
Size: 0″H x 0″W
Medium: charcoalandwash_BR
Type: illustration
Published: Balch, Glenn. “Hide-rack.” The American Boy–Youth’s Companion, August 1932: 9.
caption: Hide-rack led rather than drove the horses every morning. I don’t know what would have happened if he had tripped and fallen
[none visible as published]
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Commentary: This is the right side of a double spread. See #1907a for the left side. It is possible, but not likely that this work was painted over with #2385. See #2385 for commentary.
Provenance: Not known